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CV Digital Distribution Label - Signup Now!

Seamlessly embrace collaborative infomediaries and turnkey models. Rapidiously iterate client-focused sources for enterprise-wide value.

  • "It's the most wonderful thing in the world for indie Artists... I tell ya!"
  • "By far the most inovative new media delivery model, Artist Services - great job and keep 'em coming"
  • "Awesome ((Free)) Digital Delivery to, iTunes - Emusic - Amazon - Spotify - Rdio - Deezer - Juno and more"
Revolutionary Perfection

Revolutionary Collaborative Perfection.

Your One Stop Music Service Shop ( Publishing, Recording, Distribution, Promotions ) For independent Artists, Producers and Labels

We Distribute Music with no upfront fees ( Revenue Share Model ) to the same platforms (ie: Apple iTunes, Amazon) as the Music industry Giants.

We License Musical compositions for use in: Radio - Film - Commercials - TV - Video - Ringtones - Games - Toys - Merchandise - Media - Audio Recordings - Trailers - Internet - Live Performance and more...

Media, Design, Solutions!

Concrete Vibration Records offers Full Production media projects From Concept to Finished Product.

Services available to Clients include: Publishing, Distribution, Online Radio Airplay, Song administration, Promotions, Live Performances opprtunities, Website Design/Domain & Hosting, Electronic Press Kit and more.

Available on all shapes and sizes
Oooh shiny object!

It's not what We do. It's how We do it!

CV Digital - It's even more than meets the eye.

Dramatically innovatve goal-oriented quality vectors through Digital internal or "organic" sources. Distinctively tailored ideas through value-added architectures. Interactively inplimenting world-class functionalities for virtual and tangible results. Progressively synergize low-risk high-yield platforms. Synergistically strategize long-term high-impact deliverables for independents.

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