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Available for Demo's & Commercial Release , You Write & Voice. We Publish and Distribute Worldwide!!!.

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Awesome Singer/Songwriter Collaboration Offer.

Male and Female Vocalists Singer/Songwriters - Commercial Release Projects All You have to do is Write Sing/Voice on your selected track...( Your own studio or Ours We will Handle the Rest ) We Supply... - 100's of Tracks in various genres for voicing - No Cost Digital Distribution to Apple iTunes - Free EPK Webpage (online electronic press kit) - Recording Studio ( as low as $10/hour When you voice on our Tracks) What You Get... - Option to get completed Songs nominated for Canada's Juno Awards - Completed Songs Published and available for licensing - Completed songs on Apple iTunes Store ... - Free Social Network Promotions ( twitter, Facebook, Linkedin, Soundcloud etc ) - Completed song in Rotation on internet Radio Stations - Option to voice a Single, EP, or Album - Live performance opportunity of completed Songs - Free Song Administration ( Registration with Socan, Ascap Bmi )

Open Music Projects for Demo & Commercial Release

Reggae Riddim

Featured Project Track.

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Rhythm & Blues

Featured Project Track.

More R&B Tracks

Hip Hop

Featured Project Track.

More Hip Hop Tracks

Awesome Vibes... Supporting & Promoting Musicians Worldwide.

CEO, Royan "Concrete" Roots

Awesome. It's just great! CV Digital Put My Ep on iTunes Free!

Artist, Syd Perry -

This is so nice. Really a joy to work with... Concrete Vibration Records!

Client, Tula Vibes

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